Choosing A Memorial

Whether you are choosing a grass level bronze or granite marker, a beveled or slant monument, or a crematory memorial, we can supply your needs. Grave markers are most often made of granite. Granite is a popular material because it’s beautiful, strong, unaffected by weather, and will last for hundreds of years. Granite comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Before you purchase a marker, memorial, headstone, or crematory marker be sure to compare quality and price. We guarantee the highest quality and craftsmanship at the lowest possible price. We guarantee every part of your monument including the foundation.

Cemetery Restrictions

Cemetery restrictions and regulations are an important factor in your choice of monument. Some only allow bronze in granite, some allow only flats or grass level markers. The cemetery may have minimum and maximum size requirements. There may be restrictions on setting and foundation of the memorial. Be sure to check your cemetery’s requirements before purchasing your memorial or marker. Feel free to ask us for assistance in this matter.